Analysts are salesmen too

When you are part of a Conference call with other ANALysts it is easy to see the ‘favorite’ analysts being praised by the management, and the reverse too. Some companies (mostly Mumbai based and privileged) can make it so obvious that it is easy to¬† predict how many times the words ‘great’, ‘very good Quarter’ […]

Special deal for doctors!

As a person reading my blog you may be aware that I address a lot of doctors – should be in the 3-4k doctors that I must have addressed. So some of them do come and talk to me AFTER the lecture or in the form of an email and I have seen some real […]

Subramoney and alpha seekers!

I have been a big proponent of investing in mutual funds – and I do bet lieve that asset allocation is the MOST important thing. So if a person is wanting to put say Rs. 5000 per month in non debt funds (read balanced and equity) out of Rs. 80,000 investible funds, he should not […]

Most Americans failed this Retirement Test

sadly BFSI finds no money to do research on Indians financial behavior. Our regulators are busy building their fiefdoms and cash kitty. So we have to see what the Americans do…and hope that Indians do the same thing See if you can pass this test… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin […]

10 Financial Must do’s for Professionals

I was wondering whether I should single out lawyers or doctors for a post like this. Then I realized that all of us – MOST IMPORTANTLY CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS TOO – need to know some financial does and do nots…so here it is… As soon as you start your practice (even if you get a job) […]

The Red Shoes Hans Christian Anderson

Remember the Hans Christian fable of the Red shoes? Do not scoff at the girl and her foolishness. As we get older in life and start ‘owning’ things, we all behave like that poor girl in red shoes. We buy ‘things’ and soon those things start owning and controlling us. This si an amazing story […]

Why people do not get rich

Most people who come to my blog or buy my book have an agenda to get rich. And many of us keep saying it is easy, you need patience. Now let me tell you what REALLY happens: Almost all the people I meet are convinced that they should start an SIP Many of them start, […]